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All architectural images are artist impressions only.

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All architectural images are artist impressions only.

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The creative team behind Threadneedle comprises some of Melbourne’s most trusted and quietly successful names in distinguished property projects.

Bruce Henderson Architects

Bruce Henderson Architects

Bruce Henderson Architects creates architecture that is enduring, sustainable, elegant and of the highest quality. The practice balances each project’s functional, financial and commercial demands with innovative, creative and considered thinking.

The result is an intelligent approach to architecture featuring aesthetic and performance elements such as space, mass, form, light, colour and texture, all driven by client needs and the context of each site.

Bruce Henderson Interiors

Bruce Henderson Interiors

Bruce Henderson Interiors is a multi-disciplinary firm with an extensive portfolio in local and international multi-residential, residential and commercial projects. The firm has established and maintains strong client relationships and favours working collaboratively to achieve results in line with its stated objectives.

Led by Charlotte Henderson, the team consists of creative individuals who share a passion for design and appreciate a refined and well-considered aesthetic approach.

Ben Scott Garden Design

Ben Scott Garden Design

Every Ben Scott Garden Design project is driven by horticultural and design knowledge accumulated from 20 years of industry experience. Each garden is crafted to ensure occupants feel inspired, comforted, and in tune with nature.

Natural materials, a rich and diverse palette of plants, and successful spatial planning are the fundamental principles of every Ben Scott garden.

PGA Group

PGA Group

The PGA Group of companies is a substantial private Australian organisation. The group is involved in three main areas of commercial endeavour, namely: commerce, property and investment.

PGA Group is proudly partnering with Wulff Projects to deliver Threadneedle. The project is one of several collaborations they are undertaking together. Their relationship is built on a like-minded, diligent approach with an emphasis on quality and care in every detail. In addition, PGA brings extensive business experience and financial backing to the team.

Wulff Projects

Wulff Projects

Wulff Projects creates places of value that change the urban landscape for the better. A developer with a proven track record, Wulff Projects has distinguished itself by delivering high-quality living environments with community benefits built in.

The team collaborates with its stakeholders and creative team in a detailed and diligent way, always with an appreciation of  good design, transparent processes and uncompromised quality.

Key Suppliers

Each supplier was selected for their reputation of exceptional design and long-lasting quality.

Krause Bricks

Krause Bricks has been a family owned and run business since 1945. Its traditional craftsmanship and methods of brickmaking have been passed down through three generations.

Still proudly made in Stawell after 70 years using rich Victorian clay, Krause is known for its unmatched depth of colour and textural variety.


Miele is a family-run company with a long history of creating high-end domestic appliances. For 120 years, Miele has been defined by the slogan “Immer Besser” which means “Forever Better”.

The company never stops perfecting, refining, innovating and inventing. With this mindset, Miele has built a reputation for innovation, quality and expert German engineering.


Rogerseller curates products for the discerning and increasingly design-led Australian market. Every item represents quality and an uncompromising approach to innovation.

The Rogerseller name has been known for enduring quality and timeless design since its first store opened in Melbourne in 1895.


Since Managing Director, John Signorino, embarked on his career in a modest Brunswick store at the age of 17, he has lived and breathed the tile and natural stone industry for more than 50 years.

John has incessantly strived to be a market leader and maintain his position at the industry’s forefront.